Call for Papers

Literature and Politics

– Henry Veggian establishes Literature & Politics review: What intellectual traditions, political movements, writers and critics shape our understanding of the relationships between literature and politics in the United States? By what means do we identify such things, and to… Read More ›

Expanded Engagement

b2 has decided to expand its engagement with intellectuals and artists from around the world, and from within and outside academia.  We will launch a series of collaborations and exchanges within and outside the US to enable us better to… Read More ›

Legacies for the Future

boundary 2 invites abstracts of articles and proposals for special issues and dossiers of materials that engage analytically with books, authors, and movements from recent history.  Abstracts and proposals should explain how the subject materials contain and offer resources useful… Read More ›

Topics and Issues

This note asks our readers and visitors to offer us suggestions and advice.  What are the topics we should be treating?  Who are the writers and thinkers we should engage?  Our editorial meeting is very soon and there is still… Read More ›


boundary 2 has decided to commit substantial time and resources to discussing “humanism,” a topic current in all serious intellectual disciplines now and central to the political organization of the world and its imaginative dispositions.


boundary 2 has a call for papers on secularism and religion.  We might do a special issue but we certainly are interested in responses to the call.  The complete call, with directions for submissions, is in the Call for Papers… Read More ›