David Golumbia and David Simpson begin a conversation, inviting comment below or via email to boundary 2: What are we talking about when we talk about drones? Is it that they carry weapons (true of only a small fraction of… Read More ›

Three Models of Emergency Politics

by Bonnie Honig ~ This article presents three models of emergency politics—deliberative (Elaine Scarry), promiscuous (Douglas Crimp), and legalist (Louis Freeland Post)—and assesses their promise and limits for democratic theory and practice. Emergency politics names not the friend/enemy decisionism of… Read More ›

Democracy: An Unfinished Project

by Susan Buck-Morss ~ This essay criticizes Ahmet Davutoğlu’s proposal that Islamic civilization complete the “unfinished project of modernity” (Jürgen Habermas), by challenging the concept of civilization itself. As scholars in multiple disciplines have demonstrated, civilizations are hybrid constructions that… Read More ›