Gender & Sexuality

Feminist Emancipation and Performance in Russia

Pussy Riot Meets Judith Butler and Rosi Braidotti ~ Organized and published by The First Supper Symposium: “creating spaces for female voices in the art world.” Previous: Performing Philosophy: Masha Gessen’s Words Will Break Cement (The Passion of Pussy Riot).

The Realm of Potentiality

by Roderick A. Ferguson, University of Minnesota ~ Of José Munoz’s inspiring work, the argument in which I would most locate and recognize my own interests and solidarities would be his almost incantatory observation in Cruising Utopia: The Then and… Read More ›

Brown Study

by Deborah Paredez, University of Texas-Austin ~ It was the blue hour. That time when bodies turn silhouette against the vast azure. When you stumble home from the bar towards bed—yours, anyone’s—to, as Joni Mitchell sings, “lay down an impression… Read More ›

Please Come Flying

by Kathryn R. Kent, Williams College Please Come Flying1 From Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge, on this fine morning, please come flying… Come with the pointed toe of each black shoe trailing a sapphire highlight, with a black capeful of… Read More ›